Autoresponder Manifesto: How To Write Email Sequences That Make Predictable Sales

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Autoresponder Manifesto: How To Write Email Sequences That Make Predictable Sales

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If you've got 2 hours to spare, I guarantee I can help you make passive sales with simple emails

Being a content creator is all cool until you find out that if you stop promoting your stuff...

...you stop making cash.

And you know what? 

I highly believe you should promote your stuff frequently.

In fact, I think you should do it on a daily basis, even if you're only promoting affiliate offers.

But predictability in sales and client acquisition would surely be a relief to your wallet and to that nagging voice that tells you "why is no one buying my stuff."

And you see, that predictability started for me when I started creating small email sequences that would run automatically...

...I started making WAY more sales, even if I didn't promote my paid products that much.

And I wasn't the only one...

Since I've found out how easy it is to turn new subscribers into paid customers, and how to increase customers' lifetime value, I've had people reach out to me and ask me for tailored sequences.

I've gathered a few case studies. Take a peek below.

Case Study 1 - Charles Added $50-$100 a day in course sales after adding post-purchase email sequences on his courses.

Case Study 2 - James earned his money back (on my services fee) in less than 24 hours using a post-purchase sequence for his free e-book.

Case Study 3 - Affiliate Marketer made his first sale as soon as he launched his sequence (lead magnet into email sequence). This was all in less than 24h

As you can see, this just keeps on working.

Not only for me...

Not only for one client...

But for everyone, I implement these simple strategies.

It's not a fluke...

It's not a lucky coincidence...

It's a clear-as-water trend.

And you see...

Most people think "I could never do this, the tech is way too wicked for me."

Let me tell you...

The tech is so simple a nanny could do it (if she followed the tutorial I recorded and that you can find inside the course.)

And the overall principles and strategies that make a sequence WORK are NOT hard.

They're quite basic in fact.

And despite the fact, you'll have to write a few emails...

They're not even time consumable when you plan accordingly (which I teach inside.)

So why aren't others doing this as well?

Well...some because they're lazy, others because they don't even know this is possible.

Here are a few of the things you'll get to learn inside:

  • The essential building blocks you should know before writing any sequence
  • The exact system I used to get a client to earn $27.000 passively from post-purchase sequences on his courses
  • Exactly how to set up a welcome sequence (Aweber), a tag-triggered sequence (Aweber), and a post-purchase sequence (Gumroad)
  • The lightning-fast sequence planner I use to craft every sequence
  • 7 goals examples you should tie to each email use to push the sale forward 
  • Strategies to apply in specific emails throughout the sequence
  • A powerful edit strategy that will tenfold the impact of your emails
  • A fill-in-the-blank 5 emails sequence that you can copy and paste and have it up and running in less than 30 minutes
  • 6 Fundamental principles you should know about any winning sequence
  • The spell and sword method to writing emails that are both compelling and irresistible for the readers

Here's the high-level view of the course that you will have access to after enrolling. 

Wait...There's more!

If you decide to enroll in this course, you'll also receive for FREE my crash course:

Email Money Fountain: The 6-Parts Framework To Write Emails That Get Open, Get Read, and Drive Sales

I figured it would be a great addition to this course as you'll be qualified to write great emails and to craft powerful sequences that sell your products, services, or memberships.


There's virtually no risk in getting inside.

Not for your wallet. 

And not for your time.

This course is foolishly affordable and remarkably easy and fast to digest.

And everything you're taught, you can apply and have up and running in a day.

What's one day of work compared to a lifetime of sales?

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