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Email Starters Playbook

Email Marketing Has a 3800% Return. Social Media Has 28%. Here's Why You Should Build Your List.

Most people work their whole lives without leverage (hint: that’s why they're always trading time for money).

That might be a great way to get some quick money, but once you stop working, you stop creating value, and the money stops coming in.

So, you need a fix.

A permanent one.

Something that earns for you, even when you’re not working.

And let me tell you, email is king for that matter.

You can write automation that runs forever

And it takes the same time to write an email for one person as it does to one thousand persons.

You’re figuratively multiplying your time.

You can say goodbye to work once, get paid once.

1. "I've already tried email, and it just doesn't work"

Be honest with me . . .Have you really tried, or have you just signed up for MailChimp, created a landing, promoted it once, and even got 3 email subscribers, wrote 2 emails in your first month, and then forgot you even had a list?

Because, if your experience is something like that, you haven't really *tried* it.

2. "I don't even know how to start an email list"

That's alright because I'll tell you exactly what steps you need to follow, and what platforms will best suit your business if you don't want to be spending monthly income on email platforms.

And yes, you can start doing email marketing with $0.

You see. . .

Every day that goes by that you don't take a step forward and invest in building your list it's a day where you're possibly wasting hundreds of dollars in opportunity cost (because that's how much you can expect some months down the line).

How big of a list could you have if you had started a year ago...?

How many daily sales could you expect if you had started a year ago...?

How big of a buyer's ecosystem could you have if you had started a year ago...?

A few months ago, I was exactly in your position.

I had no clue how to start my own profitable list...

I didn't know what steps to take to get started..

And even when I got started I was stuck...

I had people subscribed but I didn't know what to do...

Or how to write emails that SELL..

That was when I met my mentor...

And through him, I found out the greatest email marketers and copywriters.

People whose business operates almost only via email.

I studied what they did...

And I studied what overlapped between all of them, and I started applying it to my list.

Soon after I was selling almost anything via email.

  • Software
  • Memberships
  • My own offers
  • Affiliate offers

Sales were pouring weekly, I was getting new subscribers on a daily basis, and my subscribers were actually replying to my emails.

So Why Do Most People Fail?

It's a funny combination of:

  • Not promoting their list enough
  • Their welcome sequence doesn't focus on selling
  • They don't keep a regular schedule
  • Their promotions are WEAK 
  • Their emails are boring

I saw so many people struggling...

But no REAL and GOOD information online (I searched for myself and most information was so basic it surprised me...)

So I gather everything I had learned from these great copywriters and created what I believe is the most complete & practical beginners course out there.

Proudly Presenting You Email Starters Playbook

Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • How to pick the right software (you can start with no overhead costs)
  • The strategy to craft landing pages that get the right customers inside your list
  • How to create the perfect lead magnet (the one people actually value)
  • My 5 top tips to organically get new qualified leads inside your list 
  • The 12 good email marketing practices that ensure the quality of your emails
  • A welcome-email framework that ensures that your emails are read
  • A cash-cow welcome series framework that will put money in your pockets
  • The story-based approach that sells your products while delivering value
  • The 5 components framework that every good email copywriter uses to sell like crazy
  • Sales emails frameworks (not fill-in-the-blank templates) that you can use to drive sales
  • Product launch sequences that will get people taking their card out of their wallet as soon as you drop your product
  • How to build evergreen funnels to sell affiliate offers on auto-pilot
  • Learn how to make predictable income with the bulletproof recycling method
  • Sequence optimization - The lost art of leak fixing and how you can improve your below-average emails
  • The mindset you should approach email marketing with if you want to make good money
  • The Do's and Don'ts of email marketing checklist
  • The Profitable Email Checklist
  • How to edit an email for IMPACT

You'll literally learn how to go from zero to being able to make money by writing simple emails.

And see...

You're already writing online, so why not go the extra step and start making money from your writing?

When you write emails - you have no competition. 

Inboxes are full...but they're full of crappy promotions that no one cares about.

If you follow the methods that I use...

…you'll be playing on a whole different level and you will easily stand out in your reader's inbox.

And the best part?

People actually expect to be sold over email as opposed to social media, so there's WAYYYY less buyer's friction. 

And if you're worried if this will take too much of your time...

You're dead wrong.

It will not do it itself but look...

I'll teach you how to write autoresponders that you write once (you can probably do it in a day or two), and that runs FOREVER. 

That also means they'll earn you forever... 

Outside of that, your job is sending 4-7 weekly emails which is more a fun hobby than a "business endeavor".

And if you think sending a daily email is hard...you'll think twice once you take a look at the strategies that I use to write them.

But let me warn you...

Inside this guide, I recommend you to promote in every email, and if you're not ready for that, you're not ready to collect some serious cash.

And don't worry about stressing your list with the same offer over and over. 

You'll work based on offer rotations, and I'll handle you a free planner that you can print and fill-the-gaps so you don't get lost (I cover which offers you should be promoting).

Blurred Offer Rotation Planner (am I evil for this?)

It took me 10 months of studying and doing email marketing to finally crack the code and do it the right way (the way that gets me paid constantly).

The time you've saved once you fully grasp the concepts that I teach inside will *heavily* outweigh the money you'll be paying today.

But fool you not... 

This guide isn't for everyone.

Who's this guide for?

If you're just another person pretending to be making progress by overbuying courses that "will take you somewhere, somehow" this is not for you.

If you're not ready to commit to the process, you'll simply take no value out of this guide. This requires consistent work.

Also, if you're someone that has been doing email marketing with success for a while, know that this is a beginner's guide, and although I'm sure you will take value out of some chapters, there will be a lot of information that will look obvious to you.

With that being said if...

  • You've never done any type of email marketing...
  • You want another source of income...
  • You're an online content creator...

And if...

  • You want to get organic leads...
  • You want a list of high-quality prospects...
  • You're not afraid to be frequent with your emails...

You'll want to keep on reading...

I see so many infoproducts sellers leave money on the table by not leveraging the power of an email list.

And let's get the cards on the table here.

Almost everyone is selling on Twitter, and that's exactly why you should be on email.

"When they zig, you zag" 

And if you're concerned about "not having the time" to write emails, there are 8+ fill-in-the-blank templates inside that you can use to write a complete email in under 5 minutes.

There's no excuse not to hit the list.

Before advancing. . .

Read the following lines carefully as you might have the same questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a big list to make money?

No, you don't. I can't promise that you will make a lot of money with a small list, but a small list of buyers is better than a big list of non-buyers.

If you're starting from zero, it will take time to grow your list, but you either want this or not. I know people who've personally asked for emails and are now 8-figures email marketers. You have the power of Twitter to collect leads at the comfort of your home.

  • Do I need to have my own offers to make money?

No, you don't, you can use the strategies that I use inside to sell software subscriptions or products as an affiliate.

  • Are there upfront costs to build and run my list?

I only teach organic ways to collect leads, and I show you which software you should pick if you want to start with no upfront cost. If you're still under 500 emails, you can start sending emails at 100% free cost. 

  • What's the content inside?

1 PDF with the link to a NOTION page where the course is hosted. The content inside will depend on the version you choose.

  • Do I have lifetime access?

You do have lifetime access to the content of this course and to every update that I ever make on this course

  • How can I access the content?

As soon as you buy you'll have a button that redirects you to the content. You can further access it by going into your gumroad's account library

  • Are there any money-back guarantees?

Yes, there's 30 days money-back guarantee, just send me an email at herojourney@herojourney.online within that time frame and I'll fully refund the value you paid for the guide

What's Inside

(Bonus sections not included in the core version)

What Others Are Saying

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Free Bonuses (Full Version)

Free Bonus #1 - The Do's & Don'ts of email marketing

Free Bonus #2 - The profitable email checklist

Free Bonus #3 - Daily email inspiration cheatsheet

Free Bonus #4 - Offer rotation planner

Free Bonus #5 - Fill-in-the-blank email templates

Free Bonus #6 - Done-for-you email sequence to promote this playbook as an affiliate

My Personal Guarantees

If you follow everything inside this guide, you'll see up to 10x returns on your investment within 3 months, if not earlier, even if you have no prior experience.

I'll be available for you if you still don't find the clarity you were looking for, your success is my success.


Picture this with me.

One month from now you could easily have 100 emails on your list.

If you can sell to only 1% of that list a $50 product, you've already paid the investment you're making today while making some extra bucks (dinner on me).

Every single dollar that comes after that?

All profit, and straight to your bank account.




Who knows how far you can get with your list...

This is honestly a no-brainer.

If you're ready to start making it rain and putting some cash in your pockets, I urge you to hit the "I want this" button at the bottom of this page.


Email Starters Playbook

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