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Email Growth Playbook

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Most people get email wrong. They Make No Money And Then Quit In A Week.

Most people don't know what the f# they're doing.

Been there, done that - it sucks.

If we're being honest most people's opinion about email is still "it's just spam and product promotions."

But if you're reading this, I believe you know that's not the case.

And I believe you KNOW there's power behind an email list.

And I can attest for that.

I've been the person that couldn't make a dime.

And I've become the person that can make an extra rack a month with a single email a day.

It all changed when I understood a few things...

Email is a volume game

People think you should only send one email a week so you don't "stress" the list.

This is pure BS.

This is a myth perpetuated by the ecom industry because all they do is send "50% discount emails".

Of course you'll stress your damn list if all you do is send something no one wants to read.

Reality is the more you promote the more you sell.

But there's a caveat here.

Your emails must be enjoyable.

If you're marketing via email, you must remember you're not running a charity.

You're running a business, and a business needs to sell everyday.

The Daily Email Business Strategy

The daily email strategy is unparalleled by any other strategy.

It's the perfect mix between time efficiency and the maximization of revenue

200 to 500 words a day is all you need to make an extra $500, $1000, or even $5000 online.

Everything depends on how expensive your offers are...

But whether you just want a few extra hundreds to pay for groceries or thousands to make a full-time income...

You can do it with the daily email strategy.

Why? Because you're always pouring in new leads, always nurturing them, and always asking for a sale (in a soft way so you don't push everyone away.)

Here's What You'll
Find Inside...

9 Modules To Generate Growth Loops
In Every Single Front.

Module 1. Preparing The Playground: All the boring work that needs to be done from creating your own domain, choosing the best email marketing platform, and creating your landing page.

Module 2. Subscribers Growth Strategies: Sharing #4 growth strategies that you can leverage to grow your email list using Twitter, automation software, and one internal referral system.

Module 3. Email Best Practices: I'll walk you over a few best practices that every A+ email copywriter follows. It includes a list of 10 golden rules, 3 common misconceptions, 5 mistakes that prevent beginners from making money, 5 mindset hacks to set you for the long-game, and a bulletproof strategy to avoid ending up in the spam or promotional folder.

Module 4. Crash Course On Subject Lines: I'll walk you over the perfect way to create subject lines that are almost impossible to ignore and I'll hand you over 14 subject lines formats that have worked in the past for me.

Module 5. The Daily Email To Riches:
This module will teach you how to write your daily email that people will actually want to read and buy from. I included strategies to generate endless content.

Module 6. Sales Loop Strategy:
In this module I pull the curtain on the "backstage" system I use to create back-to-back profitable campaigns and the reason why simply sending a daily email without a thoughtful strategy doesn't work.

Module 7. Affiliate Cash Windfall
: The #5 strategies you need to implement to demolish your competition and become every creator's favorite affiliate.

Module 8. Eight A+ Sales Emails Types:
I'll walk you over 8 different sales emails that are PERFECT to pull huge amounts of money at the end of any campaign. (Includes examples for each one of them.)

Module 9. How To Craft The Perfect Welcome Sequence: This module will teach you WHY you need a welcome sequence, 8 fundamental things you must know before writing yours, and 5 strategies to make it powerful. I've also included a framework you can guide yourself from and an actual customizable template you can use.

Bonus #1. Advanced Techniques To Profit More: I go over the "pick your own path" strategy you can use to leverage your reader's current needs to make more sales and I'll give you the exact framework I'd use to do a highly profitable product launch.

Bonus #2. 48 Customizable Email Templates: This offer alone was sold in the past for near $200, and I'll give all the 48 templates 100% for free with this course. A single sale of a $99 product using one of these templates would cover the cost you're paying today.

Here's a preview of the course curriculum

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Email Growth Playbook

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