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Gumroad Sales Blueprint

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If you're looking for a way to boost conversion rates with small tweaks, you will like what I have to say

Most people don't know but...

They're leaving money on the table when it comes to their Gumroad's products...

How much would your sales grow if you could increase your conversion rate?

Even if only 0.2%...

Let us do the math.

Imagine that you have 10,000 views on your offers a month.

Now let's assume that you are converting at a 2.0% rate.

That's 200 sales.

Now let's do the math for the 2.2% conversion rate.

You would be at 220 sales.

If you average $25 a sale...

That would be a $500 monthly raise and a whopping $6,000 annually raise.

And I'm assuming you would only improve by 0.2%.

After applying the knowledge inside, you will much likely improve way more than that...

Small tweaks can lead to MASSIVE changes...

When I first started selling, my sales page was terrible...

It had:

• Poor design

• Lacking components on the sales letter

• Missing extras

• No post-buy workflows

• No CTA at all

• No urgency or persuasive writing

And it reflected on my results...

I had a lot of views on my products, but the sales just weren't coming in...

I knew I had to change something at this point!

I've dedicated a lot of time exploring every missing link on my page, and eventually, I started making the right TWEAKS.

The results started showing up...


People were recognizing my ability to write persuasive copy...

But that wasn't enough, so I also learned to craft the PERFECT covers!

And once again...



But F**k it!

It still wasn't enough, I wanted to stand out from the rest.

So I started working on my post-buy workflow, and to my surprise, once again I started getting positive feedback.



You see...

People put their into creating a quality product, but then...

It doesn't sell, or it doesn't lead to happy customers...

It's disappointing to see because there are GREAT products out there, but that, unfortunately, don't have:

➊ The right design

➋ Call-to-actions that make the difference

➌ A post-buy workflow

➍ A persuasive copy

➎ The right launching strategy

Even your gumroad free products SHOULD be making you money in some way!!!

You are leaving money on the table when it comes to Gumroad, I can 100% assure you that...

Here's what you will get inside

Chapter 1 - How to create or outsource the creation of outstanding covers that catch your prospects eye 

Chapter 2 - Tips to write high-converting product's page and sales letter (trust me, you're losing a lot of $$$$ here) 

Chapter 3 - My 4-figures product launch strategy (everyone is doing this the wrong way) 

Chapter 4 - How I make some extra bucks a month from free products and increase the lifetime value of my clients

About the creator.

Come learn with me the EXACT strategies that I've used to:

• Sell more than 700 products on Gumroad in only 6 months.

• Generate over $27,000 in sales.

• Gather more than 250 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews.

• Build an audience of happy customers thrilled to share my courses for me.

My personal guarantee

It either delivers results or you have your money-back guarantee.

Here is the next step if you are.

Hopefully it's true, because while you are reading this...

Dozens of people are already ahead.

If you're still not convinced...


Click the button "I want this!"

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Gumroad Sales Blueprint

10 ratings
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