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Welcome Sequence Secrets: How to write a welcome campaign that makes it rain for months


Welcome Emails Generate 320% More Revenue Than Other Emails

Here's the thing...

74% of people are expecting a welcome email immediately after they join a list.

The problem is...

Most people either don't have one, or it is straight bad which back-fires against them.

And worst...

They never follow up.

But here's what I've found...

The more emails you add to a sequence, the more it will sell.

It might seem foolishly obvious, but I can tell you almost NO ONE takes the time to think about this.

And those who do...

They don't know what they should add.

That's why I'm pulling back the curtains of my business backend sequence.

And for the first time...

You can take a peek at a REAL sequence that is producing REAL results.

Here's why you should care...

If you've been consuming educational courses online for a while you know that...

Most will only teach you the theory...

And those who teach you actionable steps, don't usually come with real examples...

With this course, I'm giving you the opportunity to learn both simultaneously while having access to my notes that reveal exactly my thinking process for each email.

Here's what I mean by thinking process

I'll be dissecting each email of my welcome sequence and I'll tell you:

  • What the goal of the email was

  • What I liked about the email

  • What I could have done better

And on top of that...I'll add custom notes to the most relevant sections of each email so you can see WHY they're there.

And that's not all...

The sequence dissection alone would be of great value...but when I was developing this course I thought to myself:

"f*k it, let me share my best stuff on how to build welcome sequences"

So before diving deep into the real case scenario...

You'll have access to the theory that makes evergreen sequences make money.

That means I'll teach you all the relevant fundamentals, and strategies you must know to write a killer sequence that produces tangible results.

Here's what you'll get inside this course

  • The fundamental objectives that every welcome sequence should fulfill to make money and build strong relationships

  • How to write a memorable welcome email that sets the tone for the relationship you have with your subscribers

  • A full breakdown of each of all 9 unaltered emails from my welcome sequence

  • Personal notes on why I included certain sections in each email with all the thinking processes behind the choice

  • Different frameworks of welcome sequences you can swipe based on your needs

The best thing about the course?

It takes you no longer than an hour to consume ...

...and you'll have actionable steps you can implement right away in your welcome sequence for an immediate increase in revenue.

Click on the "Buy this" button to secure your copy.

Note that the price might rise without prior notice and discount codes might vanish at any given time.

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Welcome Sequence Secrets: How to write a welcome campaign that makes it rain for months

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